We have used WHA as travel specialist and regulatory framework advisers for some years. They have been fantastic partners and were instrumental in our business transformation to a fully-fledged licensed and bonded UK and EEA tour operation

WHA have been an absolutely invaluable source of expertise and support over the many years we have been fortunate enough to work with them. Providing candid, thoroughly commercial and innovative advice, they remain an absolutely key advisor and partner to Black Tomato and one that we are extremely grateful to have in our corner.

The service we receive from White Hart Associates is exceptional. They give us the support and security to know we are complying with all rules and regulations concerning our business and their innovative and pro-active approach has helped us save money on more than one occasion. Quite simply, they never fail to get the job done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their services to anyone.

For the last 18 years we have been using the services of White Hart Associates and have found them to be nothing short of superb. Besides being extremely supportive and friendly when undertaking work for us they have also been highly innovative. Their work is always completed accurately and efficiently. At Balkan Holidays we have absolute confidence in the ability of White Hart Associates to “get the job done” which is why we continue to enjoy a successful partnership with the firm to this day.

WHA have looked after our rapidly growing business us for many years. They are 100% supportive and help us with all audit and compliance issues. However their real value is their unsurpassed knowledge of the travel sector and the specific specialist areas that impact our business. They are proactive and innovative and are always our first contact point on any financial, taxation or regulatory issue.

I have been using the professional services of White Hart Associates, and more specifically those of Mr Chris Photi, for many years. They have been an invaluable source of advice to me in this time from not only the selling of one business and the start up of another but also the invaluable help in negotiating the labyrinth of rules and regulations that come as part of the renewal process of an ATOL license as well as outlining the most efficient funding solutions. They have reliably completed all payroll services, innumerable year- end audits and many personal tax returns all with unfailing sensible and no nonsense counsel. I cannot recommend them too highly.

We have been with WHA for over ten years now and during this time we have faced a number of regulatory, taxation and business challenges. WHA have been there throughout, providing the perfect combination of rigorous and pragmatic advice, and helping us to successfully implement our plans and continue to grow our business. The whole team are professional, responsive and decent

Over the last few years of working with WHA, we have relied heavily on advice on some fairly complex issues. They always come up with rock solid advice and have massively contributed to our strategic direction and business success.

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