What can our app do for you?

At WHA we understand that everyone works differently and that the modern workplace is not confined to four walls and general office hours. Therefore we are proud to introduce our new App which has been developed to give you key accounting data, on the go, whenever you need it. Our App is completely free to download and available on multiple platform tablets and smart phones.

The WHA App will enable you to view the latest tax rates whenever you need them, across the board. For example, should you decide to check income tax or national insurance rates – our App is there for you.

The WHA App will enable you to calculate various taxes using our specialised calculators, so if you wish to calculate the cost of adding a company car, or check how much gross pay you keep on your salary – our App can help you.

All you need to do is follow the link below to access our App at the Apple Store or on Google Play. Alternatively the QR codes make access via your device even quicker.


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