Yanli Zhang

Yanli Zhang

Professional Trustee

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About Yanli


Yanli is a graduate of Xi’an University in China with a degree in Financial Accountancy.

She has worked with a number of companies in various capacities and amongst her roles has worked as part of a Financial Accounts team for a large business for over 10 years where in addition to the normal accountancy functions, she also had to prepare for annual audits.

In addition, Yanli has worked for businesses where she has been responsible for meeting the specific needs of individual clients – her last role before joining PTT was at Marks & Spencer.

These experiences in Finance and Customer Service mean that Yanli is well suited to the role of Trustee Executive as she capable of carrying out the role effectively whilst maintaining good relations with all Stakeholders.

Yanli has embarked on obtaining AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualifications and will shortly achieve her AAT Diploma.

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