Kessa Vythilingum

Kessa Vythilingum

Professional Trustee

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About Kessa


Kessa has 6 years of business consulting and Internal Audit experience. She was part of the Risk Advisory Services at PwC Mauritius, with a focus on Internal Audit and Process Improvement. She has worked extensively on Internal Audit assignments for multinationals in Mauritius and Africa and has been exposed to sectors as diverse as hospitality and leisure, financial institutions and investment companies, amongst others.

Kessa is a BSc graduate in Mathematics and is pursuing her ACCA qualifications.

Kessa is a a very skilled Trustee well able to manage the interests of all stakeholders – Kessa is well suited to the Trust business. Kessa has helped developed a unique system based tool iCheck for validating claims from Trust accounts. The introduction of iCheck means it is possible to test claims in great detail and select samples in a time efficient manner. This works for Non Travel Trusts as well.

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